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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Technology as a broken promise

This Louis C.K. clip is often trotted out if/when folks complain about technology and it's got the wrong message:

The gist is, with all the things technology lets us do that we couldn't do otherwise, why do we get so upset when it doesn't work to our liking, instead of amazed at how it works it all? Stop whining, you're spoiled, etc.

Technology is held up to a high standard by spoiled whiners because that's how it's sold to us: that it will make our lives so much easier, and better.

Complaints about it result from a mismatch of expectations (it's less than what was promised and paid for). 

If someone promised to pick you up from the airport, and you paid them for it, and they showed up hours late...it's not much of a consolation to say, "well it's amazing that people can even drive anywhere at all.  And wow, airports are neat."