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Thursday, December 3, 2009

TechFlash's credulous hackery

TechFlash is dedicated to covering the Seattle tech scene, just as TechCrunch is focused on the Silicon Valley tech scene.

Unfortunately TechFlash is TechCrunch's insecure younger step-sibling and apparently needs to issue one-sided press releases poorly disguised as blog post reportage in order to maintain its insider access.

Case in point:
Microsoft escalates war on piracy

War on piracy? Really? Is that like the war on terror? Or the war on drugs? Or the war on poverty?

Anyway, the article quotes Microsoft only, and offers no analysis or commentary on why piracy is rampant or whether this strategy is the an intelligent one. It offers no commentary beyond Microsoft's slant on the story.

The Microsoft source claims that everyday consumers are opposed to piracy "because they're increasingly frustrated and angry about the connection to viruses and malware."

Actually maybe the problem is that users can have something for free instead of paying for it, and it dents the bottom line of Microsoft's current business approach (which may or may not still be relevant). But you won't see such a nuanced view in this article, or any other quid-pro-quo TechFlash articles to be frank.

I criticize because I care--I want the Seattle tech scene to flourish, I want TechFlash to be informative and critical instead of parroting the mouthpieces of the region's big players. And I speak for myself only, of course.

In summary, I just posted a critical blog post, about a blog. What has my life come to?

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