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Friday, June 29, 2012

List of shortcuts to change in XCode

Some shortcuts in XCode don't make sense at all, some are for features I never use, and some are awesome but off by default. I'll update this periodically.

Shortcuts to enable/simplify:

  • Select Word (Selection)
    • This is close the vim-ism "Change Inner Word" (ciw). Saves a lot of cursor hopping.
    • Ctrl+W  
  • Move Focus to Next Area
    • makes it easier to hop between the split panes if you don't want to deal with the Cmd+J navigation view.
    • Cmd+Option+up arrow

Shortcuts everyone should disable:

  • Ctrl+P to print
    • when was the last time you needed to print anything in Xcode?

Shortcuts I have no use for:

  • I never use code folding
    • It's too much manual work to fold and unfold everything
    • If you need code folding, your methods are too long.
    • If you want to find functions quickly, just hit Ctrl+6 and start typing its name

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