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Monday, November 17, 2008

ACM Programming Contest

It was a lot of fun to compete in the ACM Pacific Northwest regional programming contest. We didn't qualify to go on to the finals but our school (University of Washington) swept the top three spots at our site (University of Oregon in Eugene) and my team snagged the second place spot at the site with 7/11 problems correctly solved.

It was an exciting finish too--we had only solved four problems with less than an hour to go in the five hour contest, and we got 3 correct submissions in the final 45 minutes to boost our standing to the top three.

I really enjoyed the contest, they challenged our problem solving and debugging skills and I especially enjoy working with the guys who were on my team. It was also a chance for people who didn't know me as well to discover the true extent of my nerd-dom as I missed an excellent party or two to travel to Eugene and write code instead. Carpe Diem.

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